Stacey Silva shows off the results of her endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure

 Months after her recent weight loss procedure, Stacey Silva finally started to feel great about her body, and she didn't shy to show off the results of her ESG on her personal Instagram page.

Stacey Silva and her twin sister Darcey underwent the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty at he same time. The goal was to shed some unwanted pounds without making the effort, because they are too spoiled and lazy to stick to a diet, and to go to the Gym consistently.

The treatment is also known as a suture sculpt. It's a non surgical procedure that reshapes and reduces the patient's stomach size by 70 to 80%. The results of the procedure are similar to that of gastric sleeve surgery, but without all the associated surgical risks.

Stacey has been showing off her shrinking belly fat on her social media, now that she has fully recovered from the treatment, which was performed by her go to plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Batash.

During her last trip to Mykonos, Greece, Stacey uploaded an Instagram reel showing off her flat belly while having a suntan. From the look of it, you can tell that the procedure was a success, because during her wedding ceremony months ago, Stacey was looking overweight and bloated, and she barely fit into her plus size wedding dress.

 The 49 year old is no stranger to plastic surgeries and extreme beauty procedures. As a matter of fact, she is completely open about everything she's had done to improve her appearance, which is rather extensive. A couple of weeks ago, Stacey recorded herself getting an anti aging microneedling operation on her face in a Miami med spa. Because she's an influencer with a large following on Instagram, the reality tv star is always getting stuff for free, so she also added lip blushing to her list of treatments.

Stacey and her twin sister are constantly under fire, and they are getting a lot of hate comments on social media all the times for their decision to significantly modify their appearances. However, that didn't affect their mental health in anyway, because they are already ret@rded, and they probably ignore and don't read the trolls and hate comments under their social media posts.