Riley slams TLC for lying for and reveals the real reason why Violet is coming to the US

 Riley Diego from Before the 90 Days season 6 retaliated against a certain Pillow Talk cast member, who accused  Violet Tuyet of being pregnant with someone else's baby. And then, after the second tell all episode of the show  was aired, he finally felt free to spill the tea about what really happened between him and Violet since he left Vietnam.

During the two parts tell all episodes of before the 90 days season 6, Riley was portrayed as a desperate man, who still wants to give Violet another chance, despite her continuous lying and her deceiving nature. The reality TV star went to his Instagram to expose TLC for their bad editing, while revealing how he currently feels about his relationship with Violet. #90dayfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancetea #90dayfiancetellall ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
The editing of the second tell all episode made it look like Riley is keeping his door open for Violet, which implies that the couple will have a chance to reconcile. The narrative made us believe that the Vietnamese mom was coming to the United States as a tourist to be with Riley, but in reality, she was not.

In his recent Instagram stories, Riley told his fans to not believe the narrative they saw on the tell all episodes, and then stated that Violet came to the United States to visit her brother who lives in Atlanta, and that's about it.

Spilling the tea however didn't end there, the 48 year old cigar lover assured his fans that he's keeping no doors open and said:" ain't no doors open, it's all closed, don't believe that s**t yall". Riley added that Violet came on her own, so it was not him who sponsored her tourist visa.

The former military man finished his Instagram stories by saying that he doesn't want anymore of "that headache", which means that his relationship with Violet has made him miserable, and now that it ended, he's glad that he doesn't have to deal with her, and her lying a$$ anymore.

Riley and Violet had a difficult ride on the sixth season of before the 90 days. Ending their relationship before it was too late was the best case scenario for each of them. Many mismatched couples often stay together for the kids, or until they emotionally damage each other, and then, they get a painful divorce. Riley and Violet however, managed to avoid all of that headache by ending things on a good note.