Molly Hopkins new boyfriend revealed

 Molly Hopkins has a new boyfriend in her life. The 48 year old broke up with her former partner Kelly Brown, during the filming of the new spin off show 90 Day The Last Resort, and she didn't waste any time to find a new guy.

Before meeting Kelly, Molly was married to a young Dominican called Luis Mendez. Even though that marriage ended in divorce after only a few months, the mother of two didn't lose hope and she tried to find love again. Kelly Brown used to be a New York cop, and he slid into Molly's DMs first. The pair talked for months, and Kelly promised Molly the world if she ever decided to give him a chance. At the end, she did, but Kelly didn't deliver what he promised, which was the main reason why they broke up.

According to "wordonthestreetreality" news website, Molly Hopkins is currently dating an "interesting" new man.

The news website shared a photo of Molly with a bearded man known as "The Prison KingPin". Molly's new man is the opposite of everything that her ex Kelly represents. The self proclaimed "Prison KingPin" has spent the majority of his adult life in prison for dr*g tr@fficking charges. He was recently released following a twelve-year sentence. According to reports, he is the oldest of eleven children, and he began selling narc0tics as a foster child.

When Kelly saw an Instagram post mentioning Molly's new boyfriend, he was taken aback, and this was his exact comment under the social media post: "Dang girl! A jail bird and he’s married?". Kelly's remark implied that the "prison kingpin" is actually a married man, who is cheating on his wife with Molly.

Kelly blamed Molly for asking him to join her on 90 Day: The Last Resort, despite the fact that she didn't love him anymore. Molly held Kelly accountable for making promises he couldn't keep. They both admitted that the romance had ended. Kelly realized he and Molly had no hope of getting back together. Perhaps he was already aware of the new man in Molly's life. Molly and Kelly had exchanged goodbye hugs before parting ways. Despite the week of progress they made with couples' counseling at the resort, Molly and Kelly's doomed love could not be saved.