Mary & Brandan respond to a buse allegations after being caught mistreating their pet monkey

 Mary Demasu-ay and Brandan Denuccio were criticized by fans after they were caught mistreating their pet monkey Lucy, and their response to the allegations was not well received.

The other way season 5 cast members are trying to profit from their 15 minutes of fame to become social media influencers. Every week, they post "vlog" type of videos on their Instagram accounts and YouTube channel, and describe their life as an International young couple living in the Philippines. In many of their recent videos, they were showing off their pet monkey Lucy, who was left alone outside under the sun.

The wild animal was always tied with a heavy chain around her waist or neck, while waiting for her owners to give her food and water. Mary and Brandan weren't aware that they were mistreating the Monkey, and not providing her with a proper living conditions, until they were called out by the 90 day fiancé fans. The show fans went to social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram to make their voice heard, and threatened to call the local authorities on them. Not only the fans, but also Statler from before the 90 days season 6 was mad at the immature and careless young couple. Besides working a full time job and being on reality tv, Statler also happens to be a dedicated animal rights activist.

To clear hers and Brandan's names, this is what Mary told to one of her fans, who asked her about whether the monkey was set free or still chained to a tree:" We have set the monkey free before. But people here are scared of the monkey and threatened to k*ll it, so we put her back on a chain to keep her safe. Thanks for your support".

Mary and Brandan finally decided to set the monkey free, but on their own terms. They filmed the whole thing and uploaded a YouTube video called "we free the monkey". What triggered many of the show fans was that the couple asked their social media followers to send them money, straight to their personal PayPal account, so they could buy food for their "free monkey", which made no sense. Hours later, the couple deleted the video, because obviously everyone who watched it was aware that it wasn't about releasing the monkey, but about playing with the viewer's emotions to get easy money.

Video of monkey release removed by Mary and Brandan
byu/austinstoy in90dayfianceuncensored

The fans who watched the video before it was deleted have reported that Lucy the monkey ran straight to the water to drink, as soon as she was released, and she was panicking and looking for food. It's sad to see that Brandan and Mary can't do anything right. The young couple is clearly not ready to be married, have a baby or even adopting a pet. At 23 year old, they still have a lot of time to heal, work on themselves and even to finish their education and have careers.