Kalani accuses Asuelu of R aping her which resulted in her second pregnancy

 Kalani Faagata recently made a serious accusation against her husband Asuelu Pulaa. The mother of two accused Asuelu of holding her down and basically r aping her, which led to her unplanned pregnancy with their second child Kennedy.

Kalani Faagata, star of 90 Day Fiance, shocked her fans on Monday, when she uploaded an Instagram Story accusing her husband Asuelu Pulaa of having s*x with her without her c0nsent, and she even called the incident  "a se*ual @ssault". The 35 year old who is currently part of the 90 Day spin off show The Last Resort, told her Instagram followers that she has been receiving a lot of hate, as well as de@th and r ape threats from strangers online. She finally decided to expose Asuelu, because she was tired of being portrayed as the "bad guy" in her own marriage.

Despite many 90 day fiancé fans believing Kalani became pregnant after a one night affair with Asuelu, the reality tv star assured her fans that her pregnancy with her older son Oliver was planned. Behind her second pregnancy, however, is a sad story. To explain further what really happened, Kalani wrote:" I had a second baby because I was held down. He apologized for that, and the other times I was SA, it's recorded. You can imagine how it feels to get messages about taking responsibility and learning to keep my legs shut, when they were forced open".

Asuelu was never a fan favorite to start with, and his reputation may never recover after these allegations. Kalani' Instagram story was shared by many 90 day fiancé fan pages, and most of the fans in the comments sections were supportive toward the mother of two, and other were feeling sorry for her. Kalani was also praised for being brave, because it was not easy for her to reveal her marriage's dirty laundry to the public. Unfortunately, her allegations will have bad consequences on her second son and Asuelu, now and in the long run.

 Asuelu has yet to respond to Kalani’s claims, but if the allegations are true, he should be ashamed of himself for the rest of his life, because there is no excuse for what he did. One the therapist from The Last Resort spin off show, who was working on Kalani and Asuelu's marriage, spoke to the camera and expressed her concerns about Asuelu's mental state. The therapist thought that the 28 year old Samoan is possibly a s*x @ddict, which explains him r aping his own wife, when she didn't want to have s*x with him, and also his attempts to cheat on Kalani with 12 other women, because his s*xual needs were not satisfied within his marriage.