Jovi exposed by his S tripper friend for lying about her on 90 day the last resort

 Many 90 Day fiancé fans who are watching The Last Resort started to believe that Jovi Dufren has some major addictions. The fans were worried about the 31 year old reality tv star, and many of them left comments under his social media posts advising him to check into a rehabilitation center, as soon as possible. If he wants to save his marriage, Jovi got to listen to his fans and do the right thing, however, his love for S tippers and the s trip clubs won't be an easy thing to quit. When Jovi took Asuelu and big Ed to the S trip club on 90 Day The Last Resort, he didn't even ask his lady for her permission like the other guys did, he also lied about keeping in contact with his S tripper friend, with whom he spent 2 weeks in Jamaica.

2 weeks ago when Episode 10 of the Last Resort was aired, Jovi posted on his Instagram a photo of him, Big Ed and Asuelu on their way to the S trip club, and he wrote as a caption:" Boys night out. Ladies, would you let your man enjoy a night out at the $trip club??? ". Under that post, there was a specific comment that caught the fans' attention. The comment came from Jovi's $tripper friend, who felt betrayed by the way she was mentioned on the show.

 Before that, a 90 day fiancé fan took Yara's side, and wrote a long paragraph as a comment calling Jovi out for actions, and this was her comment:" No, and to think you had the $tripper number in your phone still and you went to Jamaica with her a few years back. She shouldn’t be so convenient and easy to contact. Then you have the audacity to say “it’s better she wasn’t there for your marriage” YOU DISGUST ME! I feel so bad for Yara ". Jovi's $tripper friend saw the post and the angry fan comment, and she decided to reply to the angry fan to clear things up, and this is what she wrote:" trust me we don’t keep in contact!! And this is all false. Believe me".

Jovi's former female friend revealed her identity, and denied that she's still in contact with him, which means that the scene of Jovi texting the $tripper, and inviting her to party with him, Big Ed and Asuelu was fake and scripted. This doesn't mean that Jovi doesn't have other $trippers phone numbers on his phone. This only proves that after he got married to Yara, the woman who he spent two weeks with in Jamaica stopped being in contact with him.