Jasmine was spotted with a mystery man at Universal Studios, Hollywood

 Jasmine Pineda has a new man in her life, who was recently seen with her in the United States. Many 90 day fiancé fans predicted that Jasmine will leave Gino, once she completes her move to the United States. The 36 year old is known for her love for hot exotic weather, and she described the state Michigan as a "depressing" place to live on multiple occasions.

Jasmine from Panama, met her American man on a sugar daddy dating website, which explains why she was interested in dating Gino in the first place. Gino is used to pay for escort services, and he began lavishing Jasmine with gifts and cash to be spent on cosmetic and plastic surgeries. The Panamanian managed to squeeze him even more, by making him pay for her $3000 a month flat in Panama, while waiting for her k-1 visa. Despite everything Gino has done and paid for her, Jasmine still calls Gino cheap, and she always wants more.

Last week, a 90 day fiancé fan spotted Jasmine in public. The fan was with her family at Universal Studios Hollywood, when the reality TV star strolled by. The stunned fan wasn't sure how to react, or she kept looking at the reality TV star to make sure that it was really her. She later checked Jasmine's recent Instagram stories, which she posted later on that day, and that's how she verified that the person she spotted at Universal Studios was the real deal. The fan stated that Jasmine was not with Gino, however, she was not alone. The reality TV star was accompanied by a short and bald man. Despite the similarities, the mystery man is not Mike Berk. The fan posted a screenshot from Jasmine's Instagram stories on Reddit, and while other fans were trash talking about Jasmine as usual, it was revealed later that the mystery guy was just her tour guide.

On the show, Jasmine was always putting Gino down. She has double standards, since she regularly humiliates Gino by using her ex-boyfriend's name, but she doesn't appreciate it when Gino talks about his ex. Jasmine's commitment to Gino is unclear, despite the fact that she loves him enough not to leave him. She's not one to cheat on Gino, but she knows that telling him about an intimate video with her ex Dane would set him off. The mother of two has a history of keeping secrets from Gino. She lied to him before about how her ex Dane's living situation, and also about the way she's spending his money.

Her recent big lie was the wedding dress's money. Jasmine spent all of her wedding dress budget which is around $10k USD on a botched Brazilian b*tt lift, which made her behind look a little bit weird shaped and more rectangular than round.