Here the ultimate Proof that Violet lied about her pregnancy and miscarriage

 After the two tell all episodes of before the 90 days season 6 were aired, many 90 day fiancé fans still don't believe Violet Tuyetn, and many still think that she's been lying and manipulating Riley Diego to get a green card, and to bring her 2 daughters to the United States. Her miscarriage experience would be heart touching if it was true, however, all the signs out there indicate that Riley is not capable of making any woman pregnant due to his meds and lifestyle.

The 43 year old Vietnamese woman treated her 48 year old American lover like crap, the moment he set foot in Vietnam, and that's when the drama began. She never really loved him, nor appreciated the fact that he had traveled thousands of miles to be with her. Riley grew tired of Violet's attitude as the season went and suspected she was cheating on him. To make matters worse, Violet then informed Riley that she was pregnant with his child, which was nearly impossible.

On the show, Riley was not acting as himself, because he decided to follow the script that the TLC producers and writers made for him to make his story line more interesting, and the leaked video below is a proof of it.

by in90DayFiance

Riley claimed he was on medications that massively reduce his chances of getting any woman pregnant, let for 43 year old Violet who is in her Menopause phase. His doctors told him that even if he tried to have a baby, he had less than a 1% chance to make a woman pregnant. That information however was not totally true, as a matter of fact, Riley has a zero chance to make anyone pregnant. The reality TV star was trying to release this information on Instagram for a while without breaking his NDA, either on his Instagram stories or by commenting on social media posts related to the topic.

Because most viewers do not trust Violet, they have a very different perception of her. In the other hand, Riley has been chastised by his co-stars for being for a**hole. The viewers felt that Violet's tears for losing her baby were not sincere enough, as if she was trying to hide a bad joke. The Instagram fan page "90sipsofrealitea" posted a clip from the 90 day pillow talk, which has former 90 day fiancé cast members reacting to the tell all episodes. Riley used this opportunity to leave revealing comment on the post, which we think was the Ultimate proof that Violet pregnancy and miscarriage were lies.

The former military man got triggered by the reactions of his fellow cast members and commented on the post:" The cast really here ignoring the fact that I Can Not Make A Baby lol One cannot make this stuff up smh". Riley was playing the reality tv game and willingly agreed to fake and twist his storyline for the show, and that's what Violet's pregnancy was all about.

It was also revealed that Violet is coming to the United States on a tourist visa to meet Riley as friends, and maybe try to reconnect with him and try to fix their relationship, however, that's not the case. She got a brother who lives in Atlanta, and he's the one who sponsored her visa and the reason why she's visiting.