Hamza explains why he will never date American women

 Hamza Moknii is still feeling resentful about his failed marriage to his American ex wife Memphis Smith. Just one month after his arrival to the United States, the Tunisian ran away from his wife and newborn daughter, and he moved to Chicago for a better life, because Michigan was too boring for him.

34 year old Memphis met Hamza online, and she travelled to his country to marry him, after only a few months of communicating online on social media. Back then, the American didn't realize that Hamza was only 26 years old. While talking on social media, Hamza lied to her and told her that he was 28 year old. The young Tunisian didn't even speak English. He was Unemployed and living with his mom and sister. However, Hamza was a gym regular, and he had a nice body, which was enough reason for Memphis to fall in love with him, and eventually marry him before going back to the States.

After his split from Memphis, Hamza was denied from having his green card, which was supposed to be issued to him based on marriage. Right now, he's living in Chicago and working in the black market. At the same time, he's trying to figure out a way to legalize his stay in the country on his own. Because of his current situation, Memphis got the full custody of their daughter, and she's using Hamza's situation against him by rarely letting him see their daughter.

This week was Hamza's daughter's birthday. The Tunisian posted an Instagram story to express his love to her, while confessing in the Instagram story story that he misses her a lot, and this is what he wrote as a caption:" Today my little princess completed the new year, happy birthday, On this day, God gave me the most precious thing in my life, My daughter, every year, you are a source of light in our lives, every year, and you are the sunshine of every morning for me.I want you to know that your father loves you more than anything else. I want to see you and hug you, even if only for a few seconds. I will keep trying for that, my dear. I love you my heart".

But before that story, he posted another one, in which he stated that he will never date another American woman again. Even thought Memphis doesn't represent all American women, her actions hurt Hamza so much, and put this life in turmoil. Which is why he's scared now of dating other American women, because he assumes that they will treat him the same way his ex wife did.