Disowned by her rich family, Leida was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from her job

 Former 90 day fiance season 6 cast member Leida Margaretha, was arrested after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her employer. The 35 year old is facing many serious accusations, including wire fraud and theft. She was detained in Wisconsin and had her mugshot taken. An investigation is still underway after the 90 Day Fiance former cast member was accused by her boss of swindling huge quantities of money via their corporate accounts, and the police stated that she could face additional charges, once the investigations are done.

The owners of the glass bottle decorating company Loggerhead Deco informed the police in Portage, Wisconsin, a few days ago, about an alleged internal theft, which was involving a temp employee who was working as their bookkeeper. They said Leida exploited the company's account details to make fraudulent payments and withdraws to several outside business accounts and customers.

According to authorities, some accused victims reported several thousands of dollars missing from their accounts. These victims are not only in the State of Wisconsin, but surrounding states as well. In the joint pictures below, you will find the official Wisconsin Portage Police department's statement, and some of the charges that Leida is currently facing.

The Wisconsin police also revealed that Leida was not working alone, while explaining that she also had a partner in crime. Leida is now charged with Theft from a Business Establishment, Fraudulent Data Alteration, Forgery, and Wire Fraud Against a Financial Institution. Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation progresses, as it was mentioned by the local police.

A TLC cast member committing a crime or getting arrested, after or before their season is a very common thing these days. TLC doesn't do a background check on the people they cast for their shows, and most of the cast members suffer from serious mental illnesses and they have a violent nature.

Mostly the "OG" 90 day fiance fans will recognize this couple. Since their season, Leida and her husband Eric have stayed away from the public eyes. While their road to the altar was still being covered on the show, it appeared that they had had enough of reality TV. Back in December 2018, it was reported that Leida and Eric claimed in a social media video, that they were receiving de@th threats from some of the crazy fans of the show, and that's probably why they have decided to never go back to film for another 90 day fiance spin off show.