Darcey Silva shows off the results of her facial contouring procedure

 Darcey Silva messed up her face again, and this time by having the facial contouring procedure. Many fans are taken aback by the short time interval, during which Darcey has forcibly changed her appearance with plastic surgeries. Not so long ago, the 49 year old reality star had her full body "snatched" in Turkey and even that major transformation was not good enough for her.

Usually, Darcey and her twin sister Stacey get their surgeries done at the same time, however, based on Stacey Silva's Instagram activities, it looks like Darcey went solo this time for her facial contouring. In the Past, When the twin sisters used their reality TV popularity to promote a plastic surgery center with a terrible reputation, they suffered a major backlash from fans. The Silva sisters got a big discount for recommending a cosmetic clinic based in Turkey to their social media followers, which was allegedly responsible for many catastrophic botched procedures. The sisters' failure to acknowledge these tragedies gave the impression that they didn't care.

Even though the 90 day fiancé Fans are always mean to the Silva twins when leaving comments under their social media posts, they still come to check their posts so often, to see what they are up to, and what new procedures they are having. Many fans on Reddit already started discussing Darcey Silva's recent facial contouring procedure. An annoyed Redditor commented on the post: "I don’t understand the point in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in cosmetic tweaks only to end up using catfishing filters that blur and warp the face", while another added sarcastically:" Imagine if she put this much money and effort into her mental health". Both commenters were right, it's a waste to spend hundreds thousands of dollars on improving your appearance, and then use extremely blurring filters on your social media posts, which hide your real body and facial features.

 Darcey Silva showed off the results of her recent facial contouring procedure on her recent Instagram reel, while promoting her 0nlyfans, and she wrote as a caption:" Bond girl, Check me out at Darcey’s world on my 0nlyfans". Nothing has changed though, the Instagram reel was so dark and blurry, which helped Darcey to perfectly hide all of her insecurities, and the comments section was full of 90 day fiancé fans, who were calling out the reality tv star for being delusional.