Brandan & Mary are slammed by 90 day fiancé fans for a busing their pet monkey

 90 day fiancé fans, who follow Brandan Denuccio and Mary Demasu-ay on TikTok have recently noticed something wrong, that was happening in the young couple's home. The pair who are currently being part of 90 day fiancé the other way season 5, somehow managed to get a pet Monkey, and from the look of it, they are not treating her so well. While watching Mary and Brandan's social media videos, the fans saw the living condition of the pet Monkey and immediately started to feel so bad for her.

The poor Monkey was tied with a heavy chain, around her waist, and other times, it was around her neck. She has no access to food or water except for what Mary and Brandan give her, and for many hours per day, they keep her outside, under the hot sun, tied to a tree branch, and they use the same heavy chain to prevent her from escaping.

Mary and Brandon Chained Pet Monkey
byu/austinstoy in90dayfianceuncensored

To expose the @nimal @buse that was happening by the young reality TV couple, a 90 day fiancé fan went to reddit, and shared 3 screenshots that she took from one of Mary's social media videos. The video was published by Mary on the 21st of October 2023, and its title was: "A NORMAL DAY". In the video, Mary feeds a banana to Lucy, her pet monkey, who is tethered to a bamboo fastened to a tree outside her house in the Philippines. Mary said that she tried getting the leash off the monkey, but Lucy didn't like it. According to Mary, the monkey just loves it "here" on the bamboo, and she doesn't get too far off the leash.

90 day fiancé fans who saw the Reddit post were fuming, and vowed to report the @nimal @buse case to the local authority in the Philippines, so they can come and take the poor monkey from the careless young couple.

An angry Redditor who saw the post commented:" EVERYONE!! Please read this and send an email report! Power in numbers. Their info is above, skip the address part, just put their town. We need to stop these monsters!!!", while another added:" that is beyond cruel... monkeys are so smart, it probably knows it's being held against its will and that its malnourished... I h@te Mary and Brandan kinda". It was heartwarming to see many random 90 day fiancé fans on the internet coming together for a good cause. Everyone was really worried about Lucy, and wanted to do whatever they can to help her, and get her back safely to her natural habitat.