Big Ed won't return to the show after 90 day fiance the last resort

 Big Ed Brown may not return to the franchise after 90 Day: The Last Resort for a variety of reasons. The 58 year old has struggled to keep his relationship with Liz Woods stable for years. Regardless, he has remained at her side and attempted to overcome personal disagreements. Ed appeared alongside Liz on 90 Day: The Last Resort to fix  their relationship once and for all. For a while, He felt himself and Liz drifting apart, so he agreed to be on The Last Resort to mend their relationship, and of course to enjoy the all paid and all inclusive 2 weeks vacation.

Back in August 2023, Little Ed and Liz used their Instagram stories to describe how participating on 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 has saved their relationship. The pair discussed their time on the show, and explained how the couple therapy helped them grow individually and as a couple. Liz stated that the workshops and therapists helped her and Ed realize many aspects of themselves that they needed to work on separately. She went on to say that the resort experience taught them how to work together to solve challenges. Little Ed also stated that his appearance on the new spinoff show aided in the resolution of his and Liz's old disagreements.

All of these positive feedbacks from the couple mean only one thing. After years of being in a toxic relationship with each other, Ed and Liz solved most of their disagreements, and they are now finally ready to start their life together as a married couple, which means that they have no reason to be part of any future 90 day fiance spin off shows. Big Ed and Liz actually got married on the 29th of August 2023, which confirms that the couple therapy at the Florida Keys resort was really effective and fixed their relationship.

We can assume that Big Ed and Liz's reality TV careers are over. The couple are now married and living together in Arkansas. Recently, they were spotted by many fans in public, while they were spending time together peacefully in the area. After 12 breakups and probably even more! It's nice to see that Ed and Liz are living their happily ever after off-screen.