Amanda's new boyfriend revealed

 On the second part of the tell all, Razvan and Amanda from before the 90 days season 6 had to discuss their relationship and give an update to the fans about their future plans. The pair admitted that they were no longer together, however, the Romanian TIKTOK influencer confessed that he was still open to pursuing a relationship with Amanda, if she ever decided to give him another chance in the future. Based on the facial expressions of Amanda during the tell all episode, it seemed like she already made up her mind and moved on from Razvan. Plus, at the end of the show, she spoke to the camera while giggling, and revealed that she was already talking to a new guy, but she didn't want to tell Razvan to not hurt his feelings.

90 day fiancé is a very popular show especially in the United States, and the TLC cast members get recognized in public most of the times by the viewers, which is how a 90 day fiancé fan spotted Amanda with her new man, and took a close photo of them without making any contact.

The 90 day fiance fan who saw Amanda with her new man was a member of our Facebook Group, which is the biggest 90 day community on Facebook with over 265k members. She posted 3 pictures to prove that she actually saw the before the 90 days cast member in Los Angeles with a mystery man on a date, and this is what she wrote as a caption:" Saw Amanda today in Los Angeles on a date. I guess no more Razvan".

The pictures were taken last month, during Amanda's trip to LA. The 90 day fiancé fan also shared a screen shot from Amanda's Instagram story, which shows what top she was wearing the day she was in Los Angeles, and that top is matching the one she wore during her date with the mystery man.

From the look of it, Amanda's new man is not a former TLC cast member, or a well known TIKTOK influencer, which is allegedly her type. Also, her social media activities don't reveal anything about him, so probably, the pair are trying to keep it low profile, because some 90 day fiancé fans can be mean sometimes, and if they manage to find the new man on social media, they will flood his DMs with messages asking him to leave Amanda.

While Amanda is trying to find a new partner, Razvan's plan is to come to the United States since his tourist Visa already got approved. The Romanian revealed on the second part of the tell all that he plans to apply for "an artist visa" to legalize his long term stay in the United States.