After Split rumors, Jibri reveals what really happened between him and Miona

 Jibri Bell has finally responded to the rumors about his split from his Serbian wife Miona, however, something about his response didn't satisfy the curious 90 days fiancé fans.

Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé followed Miona and Jibri's journey to the aisle. They were a lovely couple, whose main issue at the time was moving from South Dakota to Los Angeles. Not so long after their season ended, the young couple managed to make the move happen, despite their financial struggle.

At the end, Jibri and Miona relocated to Palm Springs. The couple showed off their quick success on their social media accounts, giving the impression that everything was wonderful between them. However, their recent Instagram activities have led their followers to believe they had broken up. In the last couple of days, several fans tried to communicate with the former reality tv cast members to inquire about their relationship status.

While Miona ignored this type of questions, each time a fan asks Jibri in the comments' section of his Instagram posts:" Are you and Miona still together?", the reality tv star answers with a simple "Yes". Despite his firm answer, the 90 day fiancé fans are not buying it though. During Jibri's recent solo trip to multiple Asian countries, a fan commented under his new Instagram posts and asked: "Jibe are u and your wife still together I pray u both are?", and under the same comment another fan replied:" I think it’s pretty obviously they’re not. they’ve completely wiped their Instagram's of any photos together.. I think it was only a week or 2 ago they both still had their wedding photos pinned..".

Jibri revealed earlier this week that he agreed with Miona to keep their personal life private. Which is why they removed all of their pictures together from Social media. He then uploaded an Instagram post calling his "Haters" out. Jibri wrote as a caption that his haters were jealous of him, because they want to be him but they can't. He then added that his "haters" go to social media, and start talking bad about him because they live a miserable life.

The reality is that no one actually wants to be him, because he's a clown. The 90 day fiancé fans were just stating the obvious when they made their own conclusion about Jibri and Miona's current relationship statue. The couple used to be so close, spends all day together, wears matching outfits, and now, they are taking solo trips and deleted all of their pictures together, so definitely something happened.