After her split from Jibri, Miona was spotted on a date with a new mystery man

 Miona and Jibri's Instagram posts used to receive thousands of likes, with many followers commenting on their content, which they made as a cute couple. It's what set them apart as influencers in the world of the reality TV show. Until recently, rumors about their split started circulating on the internet, and their fans discovered that all of their photos and videos together just vanished from their social media accounts. Beside that, they are not even on the same continents right now, and there were also other signs which imply that the couple has split, like Miona going on a date with a new mystery man.

The 90 day fiancé season 9 couple no longer like or comment on each other's social media posts. According to their recently Instagram activities, Miona and Jibri are not even wearing their wedding rings. Jibri is currently in Thailand trying to find his inner peace, while living as a monk. Since mid-September, he has been visiting various Southeast Asian countries. Miona, on the other hand, is still in Palm Springs. The prolonged separation raised eyebrows, but Jibri's most recent actions, which are shaving off his head and his eyebrows as a symbol of renunciation of worldly ego and fashion has stunned his fanbase. Jibri and Miona used to be all about living the high life, and flaunting their matching fancy cars, trips and LA parties, however, it looks like Jibri is no longer interested in that way of life.

Miona usually uploads social media posts about herself, her ponytail business and her husband, so it was surprising to see her uploading Instagram stories of her having a good time one on one with another man, especially that the rumors of her split from Jibri are still recent. One may think that she's doing this out of spite to make her Husband mad.

One may start to think that Jibri and Miona are purposely trying to draw attention to their relationship for a chance to be on 90 day the last resort season 2. It's ironic that during the tell all of the 9th season of 90 day fiancé, Jibri was mocking other couples, and assuming that none of them were going to last. A year later, the music artist is struggling himself to keep his marriage intact. "Sparkles" tried his best to keep his split from Miona and their personal life private, but that's impossible to do, after being part of a hit reality show, that is watched by millions of people worldwide.