This is why Karine won't help finding her missing Husband Paul

 Karine Martins recently explained why she didn't help finding her missing husband Paul Staehle, who allegedly ran away to disappear in the Amazon jungle, but ended up getting lost, after he messed up with bad people in Brazil.

Paul traveled to Brazil back in July 2023 to film adult movies for his only fans account with his 17 year old new girlfriend. And then, on the last day of August, Karine reported him missing on her Instagram stories. Karine requested prayers from supporters, as well as a cryptic dedication video to Paul, hinting that he was deceased. A lot of worried 90 day fiancé fans were asking Karine for updates about her missing husband, and this was her answer:" I do not have an update on Paul. The girls he was with in Brazil to my understanding are going to look for him today on a boat. Yesterday they went to a place he is renting and hotels he was known to use. @tlzz_deusa is in Brazil leading the search".

Karine stated that she and Paul's mother Mary are both concerned. When Paul's mother attempted to contact the authorities in Brazil, she was unable to do so because they did not communicate in English. Karine is not joining the search for Paul because his mom and current Brazilian girlfriend are doing their best to find him, and that was enough for her.

Karine told that Paul's mom was attempting to contact the American Embassy in Brazil. Paul's friend, told Paul's mother that no one can report his missing except his own his family. The Tonantins native earlier mentioned Paul's purported girlfriend Izabele Medeiros as the one in charge of the search in Brazil at the moment. Izabele was one of the ladies Paul had urged his mom to contact, when he last messaged her before his disappearance.

A few days ago, Paul had texted his mother that he was lost in the middle of nowhere in Brazil, and to this day, we still don't know why the bad guys are after him, maybe he owns them money. The first thing that the Brazilian police should do is to go to Paul's rented apartment, and try to find some evidence that can explain why the American was on the run, and maybe give a hint to his current location. Paul's mother is obviously the most concerned, especially after the disturbing texts he sent to her. Since then, Paul's phone has been inoperable, which will make it impossible to track his location.