Syngin is accused by fans of ₿eating his new Girlfriend on camera

 When he was married to his ex wife Tania Maduro, Syngin Colchester was a lousy husband. He was irresponsible, Ḏrunk all of the time, and he deceived and lied to his former wife about his desire of having kids with her in the future. Once he came to the United States, the South African just wanted to live a carefree life, without stress or responsibilities, which eventually led to his divorce from Tania. 

Before his Divorce was finalized, Syngin was already seeing someone else. In July 2022, He revealed his new girlfriend Shayna to his followers on Instagram. He then moved with her to Thailand, while living off the income they were making from her only fans, which is a platform where people can sell their "private homemade videos and pictures" to users who pay a monthly subscription.

During the last year, the fans heard nothing but happy news about the new couple and their new life in Thailand. However, recently some fans were angry at Syngin, and they accused him of ₿eating Shayna and ₿usting her lip.

It all started when Syngin went live on Instagram, and one of the fans who was watching him heard the South African talking to his girlfriend Shayna, who was lying in bed. The fan saw Syngin talking about how he ₿usted his girlfriend's lip, and then she heard his girlfriend who was in a bad mood asking Syngin to tell everyone how he did it.

The fan immediately left an angry comment to Syngin and she wrote:" You abusive p****. Who goes live after they ₿ust someone's lip, you weird P**. I hope someone f*********p. You spineless **** ****". At the moment, the fan took screenshots from the live stream, and she later sent them to the Reality TV Blogger "Shab00ty" on Twitter to expose the 90 day fiance cast member.  The blogger broke the news to his Twitter followers and he wrote on his Twitter post:" [Allegedly] According to one of my spies Syngin and her girlfriend had a physical scuffle/altercation on IG live… I didn’t see it but if anyone caught anything let me know".

Fans who saw the blogger's post didn't know how to feel about it. Some of them directly jumped to the conclusion that Syngin hit his girlfriend on purpose, while others assumed that it was just an accident, and stated that not all ₿usted lips and blunt eyes are caused by d0mestic vi0lence.