Riley is in shock after discovering that Violet is pregnant

 In a preview clip from the finale of before the 90 days season 6, Riley Diego looked distressed while telling his female best friend about Violet's pregnancy. While the friend was excited to become an aunty, Riley didn't confirm whether the baby was his or not.

Riley who's a military veteran, met Violet, a mother of two from Vietnam, via a Vietnamese dating app. The pair had a 2 years long distance relationship, before the American finally traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to meet his love. Riley had been hurt before by former partners which is why he could never trust Violet enough to say I love you.

One of Riley's exes cheated on him with a man he knew, and another former partner just disappeared one day and ran away to another state without even telling him about her move. Riley had a good reason to not trust Violet, as the 43 years old Vietnamese continued to use the dating app, when she was supposed to be exclusive with the American. When she was confronted by Riley and his friend during a date night, Violet said that she forgot to remove the app from her phone.

Violet's pregnancy was shocking even to the 90 day fiancé viewers who saw the finale preview. On the show, Violet said that she was a respectable woman in her society, and when interviewed by the producers, she assured them that she won't be having s€x with Riley before they get married. Also, there weren't any signs that the couple got laid during Riley's 2 week trip to Vietnam. We barely saw them doing anything romantic. Few times they held hands, and there were a couple kisses here and there and that's it.

Rhiley and Violet had sex?
byu/IronButt78 in90DayFiance

Obviously, the fans were taken aback by the pregnancy news, and on Reddit, a fan started a post asking if Riley and Violet had s*x. If you go through the comments section of the Reddit post, you will see many Redditors accusing Violet of lying, while others are trying to explain how she got pregnant so fast at the age of 43 year old.

It was confirmed that Violet will be in the studio during the tell all episodes, because many 90 day fiancé fans spotted her in New York, during the summer of 2023. In the picture above, you can see Riley, his friend and Violet take a picture together in the States. Violet didn't appear pregnant in the photo. Her baby bump was also not mentioned by the fans who saw her in New York City, which made us think that this whole pregnancy thing is a scripted storyline, fabricated by TLC, to make the fans feel more curious, and to increase the viewership of the final episode that will air on the 17th of September.