Riley explains how Violet got pregnant

 After the 90 days fiancé fans learned about Violet's pregnancy, most of them were left confused, and they didn't understand how it happened or who is the baby daddy. While filming for the 6th season of before the 90 days, the couple barely touched each other on Camera, and there were no indications that they were romantically involved, on the contrary, Violet made it clear that there will be no s€x until marriage.

To stop the confusion, Riley Diego had to step up and he responded to the fans' comments regarding his girlfriend Violet Tuyet becoming pregnant with his child. It all started when TLC showed a preview clip from the finale of before the 90 days season 6, in which there was an unexpected twist. In the clip, Riley looked so distressed while telling his best friend that Violet texted him, and she told him that she was pregnant with his baby.

Riley went to social media to add fuel to the fire by posting a funny take on fans' Internet comments about him and his girlfriend. He shared a clip from a Simpsons episode to explain how Violet got pregnant. In the video, the characters execute a sensuous tango dance. After they finish dancing, the male dancer says to his companion, "You are now carrying my child."

The American used a shrugging "memoji" to express his feelings about the shocking news. He was clearly trying to make light of the situation. Many 90 day fiancé Fans rushed to social media platforms, as soon as they learned about the pregnancy news, to check whether it was true or false, and also to understand how this "miracle" may have occurred. Riley and Violet were an uneasy couple from the start because both of them are stubborn and have strong personalities. They were never on the same page about anything, and they even blocked each other on WhatsApp after Riley's friend Tiffanie confronted Violet during her date night. The American attempted to be romantic with Violet, but she was cold and couldn't even bring herself to kiss Riley goodbye.

Things didn't get better between them after Riley went back to the United States. During the last couple of months, Riley repeatedly exposed violet using his Instagram account stories, by sharing screenshots of private conversations between them, to prove to the viewers that Violet was a bad person.

Riley attempted to give the impression that he and Violet had broken up. In one of his recent Instagram stories, he even wrote that he "did not want Violet" anymore. We will have to wait for tell all episodes to see if the couple are still together or not, and also to verify whether Violet is really expecting a baby at the age of 43, or the whole pregnancy thing was a fake story line.