Paul was found in a rural village near the Amazon rainforest

 Karine Martins from before the 90 days season 1 has previously informed her fans that she knows nothing and has no update about the search for her missing spouse Paul Staehle in Brazil. The 27 year old is pregnant with her third baby and doesn't need stress or drama in her life, so she asked everyone who's inquiring about Paul to ask his 17 year old Brazilian girlfriend Izabele, because she's the closest person to Paul at the moment, and the one in charge of finding him. 

Despite living separate lives, Paul and Karine are still married on paper to help Karine stay legally in the United States, and to work together at regaining custody of their two sons, who got taken from them by the Child Protective Services earlier this year.

Many 90 day fiancé fans were angry at Karine, when she told that she doesn't know where Paul is, and she then uploaded a social media post talking about getting Paul's life insurance after he passes away. And now, Paul's new girlfriend Izabele brought a good news to the fans, after she shared a screenshot which proves that Paul is still alive. Paul is active again on Instagram and it was reported that he's currently hiding in a rural village near the Amazon rainforest. Does this mean Paul is alive? Yes, is he safe? No. Paul is still on the run after he messed with the wrong people in Brazil, and the safest way for him is to head to the US embassy in Brazil as fast as possible or to keep a low profile and find a safe trip back home without exposing himself.

An X's user reconfirmed what Izabele said about Paul being alive and hiding. We still don't know if Paul's life is really in danger or all of this was just a publicity stunt to drive traffic to his only fans, but we hope that he will arrive home safely and stay out of troubles.

At this point, it is unlikely that Paul or Karine would ever be cast again on a future 90 Day Fiancé show or spin off, especially due to their off screen drama which can hurt TLC's public image. In the last couple of years, the couple has made countless news headlines and all of them were controversial bad news.