Paul answers to fans who called him a p€do for dating a 17 year old

 Before the 90 days season 1 star Paul Staehle was missing last week, and his disappearance was hard to believe among the 90 day fiancé fans who thought it was a hoax. Many fans of the show have feared the worst, and they thought that Paul passed away, especially after his mom leaked a conversation between them, in which Paul said that he messed up and confessed that he's on the run, without explaining any further details about why he's running and from who. Nevertheless, Paul calmed his family a couple days ago and told them that he's safe hiding in some rural village near the Amazon rainforest.

When Paul was missing, many fans were wondering on Social media about why he was in Brazil in the first place, especially that his wife Karine, and the rest of his family are in the United States. The answer to that question is simple, Paul traveled to Brazil to make adult videos with his new young Brazilian girlfriend, who he met when she was 17 but now in 2023 she's 18 year old. He needed to make some quick money in order to reclaim his children, who were taken from him and Karine by the Child Protective Services earlier this year.

At first, many thought that 17 year old Izabele was his girlfriend, since she was the one in charge of finding him after he went missing. However, Paul posted a statement to explain that she was just a friend trying to help, while confirming that she not his current girlfriend and this is what he said:" For clarity, I am not romantically involved with @tlzz_deusa In any way. She is engaged to marry @danilo_g6 her fiancé/ boyfriend. I see and talk to her and her family everyday and her and her family help me out a lot. I am very close to her mother and her mother's sister."

This may prove that Paul wasn't dating Izabele, but a series of pictures from 2022 that were posted on Reddit shows that Paul was dating Izabele's Aunt, who was 17 year old at the time! It's known that in third world countries, not a lot of women use birth control and many have kids at a young age and old age all the times, so it's possible in some cases for someone to have the same age as their aunt or uncle or even be older than them.

Paul (pole) reveals his actual girlfriend
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At the time, fans believed that Paul's new girlfriend looked like a younger version of Karine. Some were concerned that he was grooming her since she was so young and naive. There's also the potential that the woman isn't involved with Paul at all despite him taking those cuddly and creepy pictures with her. He could be attempting to do something that he knows best, which is creating a buzz and controversy around his name to keep himself relevant.

When Paul was initially criticized for producing adult movies with the 17 year old girlfriend, he stated that he did not make friends based on age. Paul doesn't appear to care about a person's gender, age, ethnicity, or anything else when it comes to friendships. As he attempts to create a relationship with someone, Paul is concerned with their "personality and heart". Even though what's he's doing with these girls is legal in Brazil, that could be the same reason why he got into trouble and went missing in the first place.