Mary's pregnancy test result revealed

 Even though Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Demasu were not featured on this week's episode of The Other Way, they still stole the show with their presence in the preview trailer of next week's episode, which appeared to confirm a major rumor about the couple. In the last couple of months, there have been many leaks and spoilers about the young couple's storyline. One of those spoilers is Mary pregnancy, which was first confirmed by Brandan's cousin on TikTok, and then by Mary herself when she broke her NDA during a live stream Q&A session which she hosted on her social media.

Brandan was taken aback when Mary told him that her grandparents had forbidden the couple from having s€x under "their" roof, despite the fact that he had paid for the house. However, it appears that Brandan and Mary did not keep their commitment as they said, as Mary was seen taking a pregnancy test. The young couple are obviously concerned about a possible pregnancy, because they are not stable financially yet. However, it's a 90 day fiancé classic story linen when a couple who are toxic and broke, suddenly bring an unplanned child into this world.

On July 4, 2023, Brandan's mother let the cat out of the bag by posting and removing a meme confirming she was expecting a grandson. The meme was captioned, "In ten years' time, I'll have a 21 and a 16-year-old, carry on." Angela, on the other hand, added her own spin to it, captioning it, "I'll have a 34, 26 & 23-year-old AND a 10-year-old grandbaby!!!" "Hot damn!!" she exclaimed as she revealed she was about to become a grandma. Meanwhile, a follower of the Instagram page mac.and.chisme sent them screenshots of a discussion she had with Mary, in which Mary said, "It's just I can't watch it rn you know I'm pregnant hehe.".

 Mary was discussing how she was afraid of being judged by the 90 Day Fiancé fans, who are well known for being cruel to the cast members, especially on social media. She claimed that she acted insecure mainly when she was in a long-distance relationship with Brandan and was frightened of losing him. The young Filipina admitted that she used to overthink and despises herself for it. Due to social pressure and religion, many foreign female 90 day fiancé cast members lie about being a virgin, or hide the fact that they were having s€x with their American partners when they meet them. Violet and Mary are part of that category, and they were both "getting their cheeks clapped" behind the scenes, however, they choose to keep that information private.