Karine is slammed for being excited to collect Paul's Life Insurance

According to Karine Staehle, her husband Paul is allegedly missing in Brazil and is presumed dead. After she spent two days moaning for his alleged death, and asking his fans for prayers on social media, Karine posted a disturbing post that shows how optimistic she was feeling, while waiting for the confirmation of the death of her ex partner. Karine is expecting to collect Paul's life insurance because even if the couple split back in 2021, they are still legally married.

The news regarding Paul's disappearance and death in Brazil is both disturbing and suspicious. Paul is supposedly lost in a rural area of Brazil while trying to escape from dangerous people. A recent private conversation between him and his mom was leaked recently, in which Paul told his mom that he was lost and confessed that he messed up while asking his mom for help.

 Paul requesting his mom to call for help is a little bit suspicious and makes the whole story of him being in danger hard to believe, because if he's capable of texting his mom, so why he won't call for help by himself?

It's dreadful if he's actually in trouble, and he might be. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding what is going on right now. Unfortunately, erratic conduct is the norm for Paul and Karine as well. It was difficult to watch Paul during the first season of before the 90 days at times, since there were plenty of things that he did wrong to Karine and to his mom. He appeared to be suffering from major mental health problems which made him a perfect candidate to be cast on a 90 day fiancé show. His life has been always difficult, and his acts and words have always upset everyone around him.

Some 90 day fiancé were really concerned for Paul, while others were furious thinking that he may faked his own death to get attention. Meanwhile, his wife Karine posted this disturbing post about his life insurance which she might regret uploading it later.

The fans turned their anger to Karine for posting this inappropriate post while her husband's life is in danger, It's a big "faux pas" to talk about life insurance when a loved one is missing. It appears cold, deliberate, and wicked. No one knows for certain how Karine is feeling or what is going through her thoughts, but that doesn't mean that she can share a post like that during this difficult time.