Johnny cheats on Ella with a 90 day fiance fan during his last trip to USA

 During his long awaited trip to the United States to finally meet his overweight American girlfriend Ella Johnson, Johnny Chao allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with a 90 day fiancé fan, who he's been talking to online since he was in China.

The former couple first appeared on the fifth season of before the 90 days. Ella who is a big fan of Japanese anime always wanted to date Asian men. She had been looking for a man who looks like the characters from her favorite anime shows, and she claimed to have hit the jackpot, when she met Johnny in a Facebook group of White women who are looking to date local and foreign Asian men. She planned to bring Johnny to the United States so that they could live together, but due to the Pandemic and the extreme restriction in China at the time, the couple couldn't meet in real life until the summer of 2023.

On the last 4th of July 2023, Johnny uploaded an Instagram post which implied that he was on his way to finally meet Ella in her home town in Idaho. However, according to InTouch magazine, Johnny supposedly met someone else during his time in America, after he spent almost 6 weeks with Ella helping and hanging out at her family's ranch. According to a source, Ella and Johnny's relationship is in limbo right now. Johnny arrived in Idaho on July 5 and then, the former couple shared a home for over two months, as the American posted updates on her Instagram to share pictures from their dates. Johnny confirmed on August 28 that he was leaving Ella and returning to China. Meanwhile, Johnny allegedly ruined their relationship by seeing another woman in Arizona.

Is Johnny trying to get himself a "hall pass" after Ella cheated on him when he was in China? Ella begged Johnny not to go to Arizona, but he went anyway, and InTouch magazine mentioned that Johnny now regrets meeting the mystery woman, and wished that he didn't go to meet her, while visiting his actual girlfriend. The unidentified woman apparently met Johnny as a fan on Instagram by sliding into his Dm. It was reported that Johnny and the American fan girl video chatted for a while, and she even asked Johnny to send her money at some point, which is a red flag! Ella finds it hard to believe that Johnny did not sleep with the Arizona woman after learning the truth. Johnny, on the other hand, completely denies it. Ella and Johnny's relationship has suffered greatly as a result of the incident. She believes Johnny has lost interest in her.