Is David Giving up on Sheila?

 It's a fact David and Sheila from Before the 90 Days season 6 are deeply in love, but a few circumstances can tear them apart, while they are living far from each other in separate continents. The new couple has only been on TV for a few months, but have already won fans over with their sweet personalities and honest storyline. David and Sheila overcame various obstacles throughout their journey, like losing Sheila's mom while filming, their communication barrier,  and financial problems. Despite all that, the two got engaged and decided to build a future in the U.S.

David intends to file for a K-1 visa for Sheila, and then get married to her in the United States. The 42 year old works 2 jobs to barely make ends meet, so bringing Sheila to the US, paying for the wedding, and taking care of her until she gets her work permit, won't be easy because of his financial situation.

A preview from the tell all of before the 90 days season 6, showed David put on the spot, after he got caught texting Aimee the interpreter secretly, without Sheila's approval. Fans who watched the trailer video clip, thought that maybe David is now feeling more confident after becoming a D list celebrity, and he could be looking for a younger woman without kids, who knows how to speak the American sign language perfectly.

David maybe got spooked by the financial and time investment needed to get Sheila and her son to the United States. With Sheila's arrival, He will have no time for himself, and he will be forced to find, and rent a bigger house for him and his new family, which could be a problem, especially with the Inflated rent prices in the United States right now. He'll also have to help Sheila get her permanent green card, which is know to be difficult because of the bureaucracy, as evidenced by the experiences of previous foreign 90 Day Fiancé cast members. The fans can only hope that with all the pressures he's facing, David will not leave Sheila.