Everything to know about Meisha's ex husband

  Meisha Johnson is a 44 year old mother of two, who works as the Director of Pastoral Ministry at the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before She made her reality TV debut on the sixth season of before the 90 days alongside Nicola, her Israeli man, Meisha was married to a Swedish man called Gustav. After her split from her ex husband, she had a seven years long distance relationship with Nicola, before they decided to meet in person. 46 year old Nicola Kanaan is a virgin who came from a religious family, and he was afraid that his family will be repulsed by Meisha's past, which is why he kept her as a secret for as long as he could.

It was astonishing how quickly Nicola's mother approved of the divorced American. It seems like the whole family wants to move to America, once Nicola is settled down. Meisha, who used to work as a journalist and reporter, had an obstacle which could've stopped her from getting married to Nicola. Because of her beliefs, Meisha had to wait for the Catholic Church to perform a legal annulment of her prior marriage. She recommended that Nicola come see her on a tourist visa until then, but Nicola believed that being under the same roof as her would be a sin, because they weren't married yet. But at the end, Nicola agreed to come to the United States as a tourist, before they could begin his K-1 visa procedure.

Meisha had fallen in love with her ex husband long before her conversion. She was in high school when she met Gustav, who was a Swedish exchange student in the United States. According to the online entertainment news website Monsters&Critics, Meisha's ex full name is Gustav Johan Wallin and he's two years older than her. From the Minnesota Official Marriage System records, the news website managed to find exactly when the former couple got married.

Meisha and Gustav got married on July 15, 2002, and the event occurred in Anoka County, Minnesota. Meisha previously mentioned that she eventually moved to Sweden with Gustav, and then she returned to the United States, after a brief stint overseas to raise a family. Sadly, the marriage did not last. Meisha petitioned for the dissolution of her marriage with Gustav seven years later, and they eventually split.

Meisha and her ex husband had two kids together, Morea and Svea. On before the 90 days season 6, it was shown that Meisha was living with her two daughters. The American was granted sole physical custody of her children, and Gustav was required by the court system to pay monthly child support. The former couple appear to have a protective order, but no details have been published. Meisha stated that her former marriage was annulled during the first part of the 2023 Tell-All, which means that with the Church's permission, she can now get married with her useless Israeli fiancé Nicola.