Did Paul really pass away?

 Karine revealed to the world that she's pregnant with her third baby, right after disclosing the disappearance of her husband Paul who is presumed dead. But is Paul really dead? The former before the 90 days cast member is well known for being a low life liar and manipulator, and he could be using the news and big buzz about his death for personal gain and monetary reasons which we will explain in this article.

On the first season of Before the 90 Days, Paul who is from Louisville, Kentucky, traveled to a remote portion of the Amazon region to meet Karine for the first time. Karine lived most of her life in Tonantins, Brazil which is a small town near the amazon river in the middle of nowhere. She had trouble speaking with Paul because she didn't speak English and he didn't speak Portuguese, so they communicated via a transaction text to speech app. While Karine had nothing to hide, Paul kept his criminal history hidden from her. They eventually got married in November 2017 in Brazil and split up in 2021 after Karine moved to the United States.

The former couple had their baby Pierre in March 2019. After their first child reached approximately two years old, they had a second boy named Ethan in February 2021. Recently, Karine posted few Instagram stories in which she confessed to her Instagram followers that she's pregnant again, and not so long after she made a post which indicated that her former husband Paul is missing in Brazil and may have passed away.

Karine first posted a cryptic post on her Instagram, which was implying that Paul has died after reporting that he has gone missing for days. She then added a video post which contains a slideshow of happy memories of Paul with their kids. She requested prayers from her fans and wrote as a post caption: "Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much. We will never forget you or the good memories we all shared".

 Not so long ago, and during his last trip to Brazil, Paul was exposed and accused of being a "p€d0", after he was caught filming adult videos for his "only fans" account with a 17 year old Brazilian girl. Paul's new partner would be considered to be barely legal if they were in the US, but in Brazil the age of consent is 14, which is why he didn't have problems with the local Brazilian police while doing what he did.

Real 90 day fiancé fans who watched the old seasons of the show will know that Paul will do anything for a quick buck, including faking his own death. When the news of his death spreads and shows up to millions of people on the internet, Paul will hope that many fans will search his name to check if the news is real or fake, and a part of those fans will discover his only fan account and he will hope that will increase the sales of the adult content that he's selling.

Another reality "star" who is connected to Karine and Paul is Josh Seiter. Last year, it was reported that Josh was dating Karine, but then, it was revealed that it was fake dating and the pair did this for clout, so that everyone starts talking about them on social media. He then faked his own death with the help of his family, and later apologized and told that his Instagram was "hacked". He claimed that it was not him who posted about his death, even if when major and reliable Media Outlet called his family, they lied for him and told everyone that he was really dead.

If Paul is really dead, then may his soul rest in peace, however, based on the awful things and lies that he did in the past few years, the news of his death could be just a publicity stunt to drive traffic to his only fans account.