David exposes a fake GoFundMe campaign that is collecting funds in Sheila's name.

 After the 90 day fiancé viewers saw the living conditions of Sheila in the Philippine, many of them felt bad for her and wanted to help her by sending her money, or by starting a GoFundMe campaign to help rebuild her parents wrecked home. Due to the possibility of having potential problems with taxes and the IRS, however, David thanked everyone for their support and asked them to not open a GoFundMe for Sheila. If David and Sheila didn't start a GoFundMe, then who launched this GoFundMe Campaign that already managed to get over 800 dollars in donations?

David Dangerfield recently discovered the fake GoFundMe campaign that neither him or Sheila started and call it out for being a scam. A 90 day fiance fan who's watching the new season 6 of before the 90 days is behind this scam. The impersonator is using the sympathy and love of other fans for David and Sheila to earn him/her self some extra money before Christmas.

On the show, David discovered that Sheila was living in the slums and in a very bad condition with her elderly parents. She'd been out of work since losing her cotton candy selling job during the pandemic, and she hasn't managed to find a new job since then. David admits to sending her over $3,000 in the previous year, and also promised Sheila to send her monthly payments as soon as he get back to the US, so that the contractor can renovate and fix her parents' home.

The renovation costs were estimated at $1,725 in US money, which David didn't have at the time. And now, according to David, an anonymous individual decided to either assist or scam Sheila by setting up a donation link to collect funds on her behalf.

David shared a screenshot of the fundraiser on his Instagram @david. dangerfield1, and he explained in the comments' section:" Please note: Someone other than Sheila and I has made this fraudulent GoFundMe page. We apologize and want everyone to know that the donations that are given will not go to the rightful person’s. We do not know Bri Bruce ".

 No one knows who is this "Bri Bruce", but we do know that his/her fraudulent GoFundMe campaign was shut down by the website, and everyone who donated got a full refund.