Cleo and Christian were spotted together in Minnesota, are they getting married?

 Christian Allgood released a spoiler on his Instagram profile, and revealed what transpired between him and Cleo after the 6th Season of Before the 90 Days ended.

Before meeting Cleo, 30 year old Christian from Minnesota was a full time drunk womanizer. He was married at some point in his life, but that first marriage was short lived and he got it annulled. Cleo was found on social media by Christian. The trans woman is originally from Italy, but in the last couple of years, she was working as a professional model while studying in London. The pair started as friends and then began dating roughly four months before Christian flew to the UK, despite his conservative family's warnings.

According to Christian's most recent Instagram post, the couple is still going strong. The American shared a photo of Cleo enjoying a m@rtini with him, while he raised a glass to their success as a couple. He was dressed differently than he was on 90 Day Fiancé, with a baseball cap and a mustache. Cleo looked lovely in her cozy dress and cardigan ensemble. Christian captioned his photo, "Cat’s out of the bag! I can finally post about Cleo and I without spoiling it for y’all fans of the show! Here’s just a photo of us together in Minnesota enjoying some cocktails and dinner with good friends".

 Christian may have confirmed his relationship status, but he hasn't divulged what Cleo was up to in America. If they have decided to live in the US, the couple will have to get married, which is the easiest way for a foreigner to legalize their stay in the country, and to get their green card without complications. It's possible that Cleo came to the United States on a K 1 visa, or maybe decided to visit his love on a tourist visa. We didn't see Christian and Cleo are getting engaged on the sixth season of before the 90 days, and we couldn't tell if any of them was wearing a ring on Christian's Instagram post.