Christian's ℂriminal past revealed

 Christian Allgood from Before the 90 Days season 6 has a history of criminal conduct, including many misdemeanors, and this was confirmed by InTouch magazine. TLC did it again and cast someone without doing a background check, and if you think about it, more than half of American cast members of the show were arrested at least once in their lives, some for small things and others for major ℂrimes.

According to legal documents obtained by InTouch magazine, 31 year old Christian, 31 was convicted of unlawful possession of dr*g paraphernalia back in September 2012. Later in November of that year, he was convicted of riding public transportation without paying for tickets.

The Minnesota man who calls himself "the life of the party" previously made headlines, when it was revealed that he had been convicted of DWI back in October 2019 which is expected since he's a heavy drinker who loves to party and sleep with strangers. Christian refused to take a breathalyzer test after being stopped over by police, and he was charged with three gross misdemeanors. His main charges included a third degree DWI for refusing to submit to a chemical test, a fourth degree DWI for driving under the influence of alc0h0l, and reckless driving.

The redhead reality tv "star" was sentenced to 180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse, and was placed on supervised probation at that time. He was also fined a sum of 378 dollars and ordered to perform community service which he completed.

On before the 90 days season 6, Christian is one of the most disliked cast members after Jasmine and Amanda. Since the start of the new season of the show, he has made it clear that he's an extrovert who love to meet new people when he goes to bars, while confirming that he won't change who he is for anyone. This is evidenced by the fact that he routinely talks to strangers each chance he gets, whether alone or with Cleo. When Christian brought Cleo to a pub and began talking to other ladies, he truly put her to the test. When he observed a group of women rejoicing, he turned away from Cleo and began interrupting and speaking with them. It demonstrated that he didn't respect either the women's private time or the fact that he was getting to know Cleo on an intimate evening. This made the scene much more cringe worthy and agonizing to watch.

Overall, Christian isn't the effortlessly cool man he believes he is. He frequently brags about himself, despite the fact that his personality is incredibly off putting. He is likewise extremely reliant on b00ze and appears to think he is really cool for doing so. Cleo should reconsider her life choice, and find a man who isn't a drunk or scared of dating a trans woman, and also someone who is kind and compassionate toward her and her two cats.