Chantel and her sister reveal what really happened during their night with Asuelu

 While promoting The Family Chantel season 5, during the 90 day fiancé 10 year anniversary event, Chantel Everett and her sister Winter revealed what really happened, during their partying night with Asuelu, and other cast members from the 90 day fiancé franchise.

The rumors of Asuelu hooking up with Chantel's sister Winter, while cheating on his wife Kalani began back in April 2023. The cast members of the reality show were caught partying and dirty dancing together in a club with Chantel, River, Jovi, Yara, and other close pals.

When Winter was asked by the Entertainment Tonight interviewer about her relationship with Asuelu, the 29 year old instantly denied it. Winter said that she's not currently dating Asuelu and never dated him or had any relationship with him. Even though Winter and Asuelu were looking so cozy together in the paparazzi video above,  the two sisters kept denying the rumors. Chantel told the ET interviewer that they were at a party together, and stated that Winter and Asuelu were having a normal conversation together, and nothing happened at all. #90dayfiance #thefamilychantel ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

Chantel finished her story by saying that she was appalled when she saw the rumors, because she went back home with her sister after that partying night, so the whole story is something made out of nothing.

Season 5 of The Family Chantel is on the way, and due to Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett's ugly divorce, the onscreen action is sure to be dramatic. While it is unfortunate that Season 5 will be the final chapter, the cast members must now move on. Their lives have changed dramatically since the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff began back in 2019.

The trailer of the 5th and final season of The Family Chantel suggested that it will be chaotic. The tension is at an all-time high, strong personalities are colliding like never before, and there's a lot going on onscreen. There could even be some voodoo in the mix! The show has always been about heightened emotions. This final season will most likely involve the same types of crazy and unpredicted drama, but on a much higher level.