Angela destroys a 90 day fiance fan who called her an old H ag

 Angela Deem, star of the new spin off show 90 day the last resort wanted one her online haters to get a taste of their own medicine, but funnily enough her plan, has backfired. This happened because the Georgia native got more haters than admirers online, and no one can stop the hate mobs and keyboard warriors once they start leaving mean comments online.

The 58 year old trash queen has been on the franchise since her 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days debut back in 2018. Angela and her Nigerian Husband Michael Ilesanmi's relationship has been turbulent and abusive most of Angela's side. There have been times when viewers have cringed as they’ve watched Angela scream her lungs out at Michael, even during a phone conversation. Obviously? the couple are not meant to be together, but they are keeping their relationship and marriage alive to be cast again and again by TLC.

Angela's rage isn't limited only to Michael. She also makes it a point to pick fights with her co-stars whenever she sees them during reunion episodes. When Angela tried to meddle with them, cast members like Yara Zaya and Usman Umar AKA Sojaboy stood up to her and made things worse. Angela's actions have always traumatized the viewers, and at some point, thousands of 90 day fiancé fans signed an online petition to get the crazy mee-maw fired. Most haters nowadays go to social media to express their dislike for Angela, by leaving mean comments on her Instagram posts. For years, Angela lived her life ignoring the haters, until she finally fed up with them, and started going after them one by one and leaving even meaner comments to defend her life choices.

Back in June 2023, Angela attempted to publicly shame and expose a "fan" who referred to her as an old hag. She took a screenshot of the woman who bullied her, and then posted the photo as an Instagram post, and as a post caption she wrote:" Here we go, Another one calling me ol haggg, Well ummm dam you got me bahaha". This sounded like a win against the haters for Angela, however, her strategy to mock her critics backfired spectacularly. "Given the opportunity to be the better person" one fan commented on Angela's post. "You chose violence and demeaning a woman with a perfectly gorgeous photo" Someone else added. The 90 day fiancé fans on Instagram described the lady in the photo as beautiful, while Angela was described as a wicked evil witch who doesn't have any manners.

Angela acted rashly, allowing her rage to take control as she determined to teach her critic a lesson. Technically, she is an old hag who's acting like a crazy teenager, especially when she went off on Liz Woods in a recent 90 Day: The Last Resort episode, accusing her of failing to defend her fiance "little Ed" Brown.