After struggling to find a new man, Darcey decided to get back with her ex

 During the last 2 years, Darcey Silva has been struggling to find a man who will commit to her. The few men who she dated were clout chasers, and only interested in being on her reality TV show Darcey and Stacey. After the summer of 2023, Darcey is not single anymore as she decided to go back with her ex Georgie Rusev.

Darcey Silva is a familiar face in the world of reality TV. Her first appearance was on before the 90 Days season 1 with her Dutch fiancé Jesse Meester. The tumultuous relationship between Darcey and Jesse quickly became the stuff of reality TV legend, showcasing their fiery arguments and stark personality clashes. However, Darcey's resilience and determination to find love led her to be on her own 90 day fiancé spin off show.

Georgi Rusev,  who's a Bulgarian model and fitness trainer slid into Darcey's Dms on Instagram, and instantly caught her eyes with his youth, height and muscular body. Their relationship blossomed on-screen, and viewers were introduced to a more vulnerable and self-reflective side of Darcey. She appeared more self-assured, and it was clear that her experiences with Jesse had taught her valuable life lessons. That was only temporary, however, because as soon as the honeymoon phase ended, the couple started to have many problems and decided to part ways.

During her twin sister Stacey's wedding, the 49 year old reality star refused to take Rusev back, but it seems like she finally caved in and she decided to give him another chance.

Georgi recently shared a cozy photo with Darcey on his Instagram. They sat next to each other, each grinning at the camera. "D&G like Dolce & Gabbana," the D-list celebrity captioned his photo, with a red heart emoji. These two were apparently at South Beach Miami, Florida with Stacey and Florian. They all appeared to be having a good time together, and Darcey also posted Instagram stories of herself with Georgi on her own Instagram account. Her daughter Aniko also left a comment, writing, "cuteeee", which mean  that she is supportive of her mother's relationship.

It feels like Darcey and Stacey season 5 is on the way. In it, we will follow the journey of Darcey and Rusev while they give their relationship another shot, and maybe Florian and Stacey will start a new drama by trying to have a surrogate baby.