9 months after being fired from 90 Day the Last Resort, Colt is looking healthier than ever

 After recovering from a major injury that happened to him while he was filming for 90 Day The Last Resort,  Reality TV star Colt Johnson finally made a public appearance. The 38 year old appeared a little bit different, but looked so much healthier in a recent Instagram story uploaded by his wife Vanessa.

Back in January 2023, Vanessa shocked the fans when she posted a series of photos of Colt from his hospital bed. She mentioned that Colt had been involved in an accident which caused a dislocated and broken leg.

In another post, Debbie's daughter in law explained that the accident involved a trampoline. A couple of weeks later, she confessed to her social media followers that Colt was filming a scene of him jumping on a trampoline, while filming for the new spin off show 90 day the last resort. Vanessa was feeling bitter about the situation and stacked medical bills. She ended up blaming the TLC producers for ordering her overweight husband to do a dangerous activity on camera.

10 months after the incident, Colt made a public appearance with Vanessa and he looked drastically different. In photo uploaded by Vanessa on her Instagram stories, the couple were at COMIC CON, and Colt stood next to Vanessa who stood next to the actor Kevin Sorbo.

In the photo, Colt looked so much younger and healthier, especially after he got rid of his long goatee. He held up a copy of "Kull the Conqueror" the comic book, while posing for a photo with actor Kevin Sorbo, who was the lead actor of the fantasy movie that released in 1997.

Vanessa has been frank about her husband's horrible accident and she kept her fans up to date on Colt's healing progress to this day. When the trailer of 90 day The Last Resort was released, it fueled Vanessa with rage. She mentioned that she was set to be in the spinoff until Colt fractured his leg. The pair were unable to film for a long period of time due to Colt's hospitalization, therefore TLC replaced them with Molly and Kelly.