Wayne defends Holly and calls out TLC for their bad editing (video)

 Wayne Cornish, the new cast member of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, was disappointed in the 90 day fiancé viewers, and he issued a caution to those who are making fun of his fiancé Holly Weeks and calling her a m*th head and dr*g user. 44 year old Holly is a professional barber from Ogden, Utah, and she appeared on the fifth season of The Other Way for the first time alongside 40 year old Wayne who has a plumbing business in Johannesburg, South Africa. Holly met Wayne on a Jehovah's Witness dating website. She decided to relocate to Wayne's country and get married to him. She also brought her mother with her, so she gets to meet and know her future son in law. Besides the stress of living in an unsafe country like South Africa, Holly has been a target of online bullying which kept increasing each time a new episode of the other way was aired.

According to Wayne, his partner Holly has been subjected to unfair online criticism because of her abnormally long hair, which gave her the image of Rapunzel, who is from a German fairy tale about a young woman with impossibly long hair who lives alone in a tower because she was held captive by a witch. Plus, Holly's childish behavior on the show and her very pale skin didn't encourage the viewers to be nice when talking about her on social media.

 These kinds of hateful and mocking comments that the couple has been receiving online, made them regret applying to be on the show. According to Wayne:" These Trolls, don't care what they do to hurt your feelings, I really hope people can see what they're doing to Holly. She lost her dad, she has anxiety, and she wishes only good for people because she is a good person, unlike most of the little keyboard warriors out there". Wayne also uploaded an Instagram reel to speak more about the online bullying on social media, and he even called out a hater by name because his comments have really bothered him. He added later that starting today he will focus on positive vibes only and won't focus on the negative comments anymore.

Wayne confessed that some 90 day fiancé fans are accusing both him and Holly of being dr*g users and m*th heads. In another Instagram post, Wayne has also received mocking comments regarding his teeth, and for that he blamed TLC for their bad editing that made him look as if he got no teeth at all.

Meawhile, Holly has been actively advocating an anti-bullying campaign. She has created a number of eye-catching T-shirts to help convey her message.