Violet was spotted by 90 day fiancé fans in New York without Riley

 Riley and Violet from before the 90 days season 6 are most likely not together anymore after the show ended. Many cast members of the new season were spotted in New York this summer, like Gino, Jasmine, Riley best friend and now Violet. It's been reported that the tell all episodes were being recorded in a filming studio New York, which explains why these specific cast members were there at the time. Nicola and Meisha were also spotted by fans multiple times, but it was in Minnesota.

Riley let Violet down several times during his 2 weeks trip to Vietnam. First, he disappointed her mother by not bringing her gifts, which is a "big no" in the Vietnamese culture. He then kept questioning and interrogating Violet during the whole trip about some shady things that she did, while he was in the US. Riley also ruined a romantic dinner with the help of his American best friend Tiffany, after they ambushed Violet, and forced her to answer to some uncomfortable questions. This caused them to block each other until Riley realized his error and apologized. And finally and to make things even worse, Riley told his Vietnamese girlfriend about the private investigator that he was going to hire to follow her around, and Violet came to the conclusion that Riley had never believed or respected her. Violet began to believe that her relationship with Riley couldn't progress any further and she called him the "king of k*lling feelings".

A few days ago, Riley was tired of being portrayed as the bad guy on the show, and he blamed the show editing for it. In one of his recent posts he wrote:" Remember, anything that you see me do, or hear me say from this point on I didn't want to do or say."

To help clear his name, Riley recently posted a series of screenshots on his Instagram stories of alleged text messages between himself and Violet. The American accused Violet of painting him as a controlling and insecure person. He had messaged Violet about her lying about their relationship to his father and causing tension between him and his family. In the text messages, Riley told Violet that she wants everyone to think that she's sweet and innocent, but the moment he gives context to what really happened behind the scenes, and proves how she was being disrespectful, hurtful, and dishonest, she runs away and hide. Riley also wrote to Violet that he's tired of her BS and confirmed that he's done and doesn't want her anymore.

 The private conversation above that was leaked by Riley proved that he's no longer with Violet, however, fans saw Violet in New York recently, which means that the Vietnamese mother of two came to the US on a tourist or K-1 Visa, then things went south between her and Riley in the United States, and she could be heading back home if she hasn't already made it there.

Another theory is that the 90 day fiance fans who claimed to see Violet walking to the train in Herald Square are just trolling and creating rumors to mess around with other fans on the Reddit platform.

If the rumors are true and Violet is actually in the United States, that means that Riley will most certainly propose to her by the end of 90 Day Fiancé: Season 6 of Before the 90 Days. She most likely applied for a K-1 visa, which she received just in time for the filming of the Tell-All episodes.