This is the woman that Jovi brought to his bed without Yara's approval

 On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Yara Zaya is attempting to rebuild the trust in her marriage with Jovi Dufren, but recent cheating allegations suggest that she would be better off calling it quits. She's already put up with a lot from her American husband, and even if these reports are false, his terrible conduct with other women may be engrained. Change is difficult, and Jovi may lack the ability to adjust. If he doesn't change, she'll be stuck with a man who has a wandering eye for the rest of her life. While wandering glances are typical in husbands, Jovi has done more than just look. His love for alc0h0l, parting and $trippers will could destroy his marriage sooner than later.

According to a preview of 90 Day: The Last Resort episode 3 which was posted by people magazine, it looks like Angela Deem, the Trash Queen is the woman who Jovi brought to his bed without Yara's approval. Yara and Angela don't like each other much after their recent altercation, during the tell all of happily ever season 7. Jovi and Angela got dr*nk and spent the night together in the couple therapy resort, and then they decided to invade Yara's room where she was sleeping in peace at 2 AM. This made Yara so mad at Jovi, and she later asked him to seek help and maybe try join a rehab program because his actions when he's dr*nk are destroying their marriage.

Yara and "Jobi" are still young and they have the opportunity to change, but should Yara wait for Jovi to age out of his partying ways? That might take several decades. In the meantime, she'll have to deal with a young daughter, a husband who's interested in seeing other women dancing in the $trip club, and the stress of running two online businesses. While some of that may make her happy, Jovi's drinking and womanizing is weighing on her mind. She can't trust Jovi especially when he's working overseas. Things may appear to be going well for them, especially when looking at the travel pictures that they are posting on Instagram, but in reality, their marriage is so fragile and could end at any time.

The Ukrainian reality star appears to still love Jovi which is why she's making the effort and trying to fix her marriage. They won't divorce unless something really bad happens. A young mother who is extremely beautiful and capable of earning her own money does not need to be stressed.