This is why Amanda was arrested

 Before the 90 Days cast member Amanda Wilhelm's husband Jason Wilhelm died just months before she began dating Razvan Ciocoi, which means that the Romanian TikTok influencer was just a rebound relationship. Amanda had been married to Jason for about 12 years and had two children with him. Jason died of ampullary cancer, which was discovered at a late stage and could not be treated. Amanda craved company and found it in Razvan, before she realizes that bringing and settling Razvan in the United States won't be easy, because the Money he earns from TikTok is not enough to live off it in the US, plus she's not willing to financially support him until he gets his work permit.

According to Razvan has dodged a bullet after being dumped by Amanda, because behind that shy and conservative single mom, hides a violent woman with a criminal past.

Back in 2010, Amanda Wilhelm was detained at Panama City Beach. At the time, she was only was 19 years old and was with a man named Jeremiah. Amanda seems to have jumped out of a car and began assaulting a woman named Kayla.

On August 27, 2010, police were called to an altercation at a Panama City Beach area, according to the incident report. The victim, Kayla, was also 19 years old at the time. Kayla told police she was in her driveway with a female friend when she saw Amanda and a man called Jeremiah drive by. Their vehicle turned around and returned, and that's when Amanda stepped out of the car and attacked her. Kayla stated that she and Amanda then grappled, causing abrasions on her left knee and both elbows. Kayla claimed Jeremiah had restrained her at some point during the fight so Amanda could continue assaulting her.

From the Police report that was obtained by, Amanda claimed that she and Jeremiah were on their way home and wanted to stop by Kayla's to make apologies for their previous disagreement. Amanda went on to say that she observed Kayla and her friend Kristine walking down the road several blocks up from their house, and that Kayla was holding a red baseball bat. Later, Amanda added that she went out of the car to talk to Kayla, who directly assaulted her and hit her in the knee with the bat, forcing her to defend herself. Amanda was accused of lying because she told the police two different versions of what really happened while explaining how the altercation started. Her goal was to prove that she was the Victim and Kayla was the one who attacked her first.

In October of 2010, Amanda received a deferred judgment for the battery charge. Amanda was ordered to perform 24 hours of community service and to take an anger management course that will last six months as part of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

When it comes to the American 90 day fiancé cast members, is it required to have a record to be cast on the show nowadays? It's well known that TLC also loves to cast people who show any sign of mental illness and sociopathic behavior, many of them have depression and anxiety and some even suffer from a personality disorder.