The results of Stacey's latest cosmetic procedure are really astonishing

 Stacey Silva, who's a popular reality tv personality and passionate entrepreneur, has been candid about her experiences with cosmetic procedures. As one half of the dynamic Silva twins featured on the spin off show Darcy and Stacey, she has gained an immense popularity and a loyal fan following which helped her Instagram surpass the 1 million follower mark. Over the years, Stacey has openly shared her decisions regarding cosmetic enhancements, inspiring both curiosity and admiration. Unfortunately, that also made her an easy target for online bullying.

Florian's wife Recently posted an Instagram story, in which she was putting her hair up in a high bun and was wearing a donned aviator sunglasses. Her skin was taut and firm thanks to filters, and she wrote as a caption:" Loving my results from micro needling Morpheus @deluxemedspabeauty".

The famous twin also took another selfie in front of the spa's flower wall and joined another staffer for another selfie, captioning it:" Love this new Medspa!!!" I'll be right back. Congratulations”.

Medically, micro needling is thought to have numerous advantages. According to the website of Deluxe Medspa Beauty, fractional micro-needling increases collagen production, minimizes scarring and pore size, lifts and tightens loose skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes acne scarring, and fades stretch marks.

Stacey Silva's Instagram filters however, can do a way better job than any cosmetic procedure she had or will have. No one understands why she even bothers with plastic surgeries and beauty procedures, if she will end up hiding their results with extremely strong Instagram filters.

Among the various cosmetic procedures Stacey has undergone, Botox and fillers seem to be her go-to treatments. Botox is commonly used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while fillers are used to add volume and contour the face.

Her latest cosmetic procedure costs $350, and the benefits usually last three to six months, with follow-up treatments recommended every three to eight weeks.

Stacey Silva's journey with cosmetic procedures reflects her commitment to self-improvement and self-acceptance, even though other people prefer to call it an addiction or a body dysmorphic disorder. Her openness about her experiences has sparked conversations around beauty standards, body positivity, and personal choices. By sharing her story, Stacey has empowered others to embrace their decisions, whether they involve cosmetic enhancements or not. As she continues to flourish in her career and personal life, Stacey Silva stands as a role model for those seeking to enhance their appearances, which explains why she has so many followers on social media.