Sheila's answer to fans who are accusing her of using David

 Sheila Mangubat was furious when a 90 day fiancé fan accused her on social media of using her American boyfriend David for money. The 30 year old mother is a new face in the 90 Day Fiancé universe, but she has already won accolades for her honesty and simplicity. Sheila is in a serious relationship with David from Omaha, Nebraska. The American who was born deaf met the Filipina in a Facebook group for single deaf people. Sheila, like David, except that her hearing impairment was a result of a childhood injury. On the show, Sheila recently experienced a tragedy when her mother Remedios died after falling down the stairs of her family house.

Sheila who wants to repair her wrecked house was counting on David to provide her with the money, which totals $1,725. David has stated that he is not wealthy and works two jobs to make ends meet. According to Sheila's Instagram post, one viewer told her that she should be ashamed of herself, because her American boyfriend has already sent her $3,000 during their first year together.

The Filipina was surprised and didn't understand why a random woman online was so mad at her. She asked the angry fan to continue watching the before 90 day fiancé show to the end to understand hers and David's story better.

But the hate and online bullying didn't stop them, another Instagram user wrote a long angry comment accusing her of wasting David money, instead of using it to fix her house, and she also criticized her for not learning the American sign language fast enough to communicate better with David after a year of dating online.

Sheila slammed the angry fan for being disgusting and told her that she didn't learn the American sign language quickly because she already speak 3 languages, and it's not easy to learn a fourth one.

The Filipina politely urged the haters not to judge a book by its cover and was congratulated on by her own Instagram followers in the comments section for staying calm. It is evident that Sheila's number of supporters outnumbers those who believe she is taking advantage of David.

David recently informed his Instagram followers that he is unable to establish a fundraising for Sheila due to tax reasons. Meanwhile, Sheila has politely declined any direct monetary assistance from her supporters. She appears to have started her own business in Cebu City, where she currently resides. She has a shop and currently lives in a different residence from what was shown on television. Because Sheila instructed her critic to watch all of the episodes before calling her out, the show will reveal how Sheila was able to turn her life around in such a short period of time.