Sheila gives pregnancy update

 After her pregnancy rumors started to get out of hand, Sheila Mangubat from Before the 90 Days season 6 has revealed whether or not she is pregnant with David Dangerfield's child. The 30 year old who lives Cebu, Philippines  has hearing loss and must wear hearing aids as a result of an injury to her ear as a child. She became pregnant for the first time at an early age, and decided to raise her son alone because her ex partner was a lousy father. Sheila's son Jhonreil is now 12 years old, and she plans to bring him to the United States with her after she gets married to David.

Sheila and David dated for two years online before he travelled to the Philippines to see her on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. However, Sheila and David's initial meeting may have resulted in her being pregnant. Sheila disclosed the truth during an Instagram interaction with a 90 Day Fiancé fan to debunk all rumors about her pregnancy.

The Filipina shared on Instagram a video of herself singing a song on a karaoke machine with three women who appear to be her pals. In the comments section under the video, a fan asked:" Am I seeing a baby bump?", another added:" That's what om saying too". Sheila responded to the fans' question with a laughing out loud emoji, and she wrote:" I'm not pregnant, It's just belly because I'm gaining weight".

In another fan comment, Sheila stated again that she was not pregnant, and she confirmed again that it's just some extra belly weight. Sheila's pregnancy rumors initially surfaced on the internet after her confessional sequences aired on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Sheila's posture in her figure hugging pink gown created the appearance of a baby bump. Viewers suspected it was a spoiler in Sheila and David's plot. Sheila's denial of the reports, however, does not affect the reality that the pair is still together and still working on bringing Sheila to the United States.

When her home was shown on the show, Sheila garnered sympathy from viewers. The wooden home was located in the slums and it was destroyed by a fire, then a typhoon and wasn't fixed since then due to the lack of funds. David was taken aback when he went to meet Sheila's parents, because despite dating her for two years, he had no idea about the true state of her household. Furthermore, Sheila's mother, Ma Remedios, died the next day after falling down the stairs. Fans were driven to tears by the untimely death of Sheila's mother. They intended to aid Sheila financially by organizing a fundraiser, but she declined. David also revealed that beginning a GoFundMe campaign would cause tax complications for him.