Ronald is exposed for committing financial fraud and scamming multiple women

 Ronald Smith, the former cast member of 90 day fiance the other way has been accused of being a con artist. When he appeared on the show with his ex Tiffany Franco for the first time, the 33 year old South African was hiding his gambling addiction and debt from everyone. Nevertheless, He did display numerous red flags and did not appear to be serious about living a family oriented life. Tiffany later discovered Ronald's criminal record, which revealed that Ronald was not the man that she thought he was. With time, Tiffany found out more bad news about her husband, including his gambling addiction and also an incident during which he had broken into his mother's house and sold her belongings for money. The South African faced numerous charges but was never convicted.

Ronald has avoided scandal since his split from Tiffany. He suddenly resurfaced on social media, though, when a few South Africans accused him of defrauding them. Several customers contacted the news website Monsters & Critics, saying that Ronald had been selling electric inverters, taking their money and not shipping the products. According to one of the accusations, the scammed buyer paid Ronald approximately $900 but never received the goods. Another woman stated that Ronald owed her more than $2,000, so she filed a police report.

The South African has been involved in a number of scandals over the years. Back In 2021, he attempted to persuade Tiffany's son to keep her in South Africa. He later accused his American wife of cheating on him with someone from the TLC camera crew. Ronald received a lot of anger on social media in early 2022 after unceremoniously unveiling his new girlfriend. Tiffany stated at the time that she had reconciled with Ronald, while he insisted that he had not.

Each time Ronald is sited in a news article, it's always a bad thing like a scam, fraud or cheating. His ex Wife in the other hand is doing great since they were no longer together, her online boutique business is thriving and she also lost over 50 pounds in the last 12 months after she went through a gastric sleeve surgery.

About Ronald recent scam, there will be no way to know whether he cleared his acts or not, unless he fixes the problem and shows that he refunded everyone who didn't receive the goods. Previously, the South African had stated that he had reimbursed "one" of the consumers who had accused him, however, there are many more who are still waiting.