Mary is slammed for being a hypocrite after she was caught Twerking on Social Media

 When Brandan finally met Mary for the first time at the airport, he appeared to be in a good mood. However, he regretted putting so much faith and trust in his Filipina girlfriend, after her 3 male friends told him that Mary turns off the wifi router, each time she hangs out with them, and then she lies to Brandan about it. Mary was called a hypocrite for doing that, because she will never allow or forgive Brandan if he ever did the same thing. And now, she's being called a hypocrite again after she was caught twerking on TikTok.

On the other way season 5, Mary was portraying herself as a good, religious and virgin girl from the village who fears God. However, twerking her bottom on social media for strangers and creeps, hoping that they will send her tips and donations doesn't look like something a good girl would do.

Shy, religious Mary on Tiktok.
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On last week's episode, Mary took Brandan to her local church, and was trying to force her religion on him. She was acting so controlling and jealous and wouldn't let her American boyfriend look around. She ordered him to only look only at her or the priest because there were other females in the church.

Since starting their long distance relationship two years ago, the pair has been plagued by envy and control concerns. Prior to Brandan's relocation to the Philippines, the two were in constant communication via phone and FaceTime. While Brandan kept his part of the bargain, Mary didn't. Each week, her lies and hypocrisy are being exposed to the viewers either on the show or outside of it.

It was clear in the last 2 episodes of the other way that Brandan had enough of being treated so ridiculously, while Mary thought that she finally found a man who would listen to her and follow everything she says. It's so worrying that Mary is using crying and panic attacks to force Brandan back into submission, each time he tries to talk reason into her.

After all, Mary persuaded Brandan that marrying and having children would help her overcome her fear of abandonment. Mary and Brandan did marry in April 2023, and rumors have it that Mary is currently pregnant with Brandan's child. There are a few episodes left before The Other Way viewers see them get married or learn about the baby. If Mary was faking her panic attack on television to coerce Brandan into following her rules, there may be a new franchise villain to despise.