Mary confirms her pregnancy and shows a proof (Video)

 Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way are said to be expecting their first child later on this year. The 23 year olds met through an online dating app. Mary first admired Brandan because he resembled a cross between Harry Potter and Justin Bieber, while her American boyfriend and current husband was just happy to get a woman who's out of his league. Brandan and Mary began performing video calls during the p@ndemic, but it quickly became a compulsion for them to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The reason for this was also their shared history, in which both Brandan and Mary had been hurt and cheated on by their ex-partners.

After two and a half years of long distance dating, Brandan had accumulated enough money to fly to the Philippines. The Young man may look like a loser on papers, but he's actually smart and he got it all figured out. At the age of 23, he worked hard and saved up enough money to build a house for him and his future wife, while many youngsters of his generation can't even dream of buying or building a house, and now he's married and expecting a baby. Brandan said that he performed odd jobs to earn almost $60,000, which he gave to Mary in order for them to build a house together. Most of Brandan's jobs were also terminated because he was constantly on the phone with Mary.

Brandan teased his plot by stating "Happily Married" in his Instagram bio. Mary quickly followed that by adding Brandan family name to her name on her Facebook profile. On April 26, 2023, Brandan's mother Angela posted a photo album online on her Facebook from the couple's wedding ceremony, which made us think that the 26th of April could have been the wedding date. In the pictures Brandan donned a burgundy suit with a white shirt and pink bow tie to the ceremony, while Mary looked like a princess in her white gown and tiara. Angela appeared to be the only member from Brandan's side of the family in attendance, despite the fact that she was doubtful of Mary when Brandan decided to move to the Philippines.


 On the 4th of July, Brandan's mother spoiled the storyline even more by posting and removing a meme confirming she was expecting a grandson. Meanwhile, a follower of the Instagram page @mac.and.chisme sent them screenshots of a discussion she had with Mary, in which Mary said:" It's just I can't watch it run you know I'm pregnant high".

Most of the couples on the 90 day fiance franchise usually split when the show is over, however, it's nice to see that Brandan and Mary are not in that category. It appears that the couple has overcome the toxicity in their relationship after they met and started their life together in the Philippines.