Kimberly's acting past revealed (video)

 Kimberly Rochelle, the new cast member of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, is more than just a clairvoyant; she's also an actor, like other franchise cast mates Natalie Mordovtseva, Zied Hakimi, and Elizabeth Potthast. The Alabama native met Tejaswi alias TJ Goswami, an Indian man, in an unusual spiritual online group. TJ was instantly drawn to Kimberly and manifested her as his girlfriend by meditating on her social media profile photo. The next day, Kimberly messaged him, and the two began communicating. Kimberly also mentioned that she saw her partner TJ in a dream and she'd envisioned herself walking with him in the desert.

During the fifth season of the other way, we saw Kimberly packing everything she could and later flying to India to marry her fiancé TJ in just 10 days. What the show didn't mention however was her acting past. Kimberly apparently has a decent acting experience and is also a director and writer!

Some online detectives who also happen to be super fans of the reality tv show, found a trailer of a movie called "snow white" in which Kimberly was a main actor. The movie is about a modern day rendition of Snow White through Saint Studios Films on YouTube. It depicts the narrative of Snow, a 17 year old girl who lives under the control of her cruel stepmother Rona. 

Kimberly also has a page on IMDb. According to the amazon site, "Kimberly Rochelle is known for Snow White (2021), Shallow End (2021), and Ghost Finder (2020)." She has appeared in over six films. Her debut acting role was in the 2020 film Gato, in which she played Brooklyn. Kimberly has also directed The Kimberly Rochelle Show and the miniseries "Be True To You". It's not clear why the 30 year old did not mention her acting background as she described her life narrative on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. She only confessed that she was a clairvoyant and also revealed that she owned a small YouTube channel.

She also discussed creating holiday themed videos and sharing them on that same channel. She recognized that she was not a guru in the traditional sense because she only has about 100 YouTube subscribers. Kimberly's YouTube channel is called "Positively Kimberly", and her followers, like the views on her Snow White trailer are growing everyday thanks to being on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Kimberly is also a card reader. She proved her talent on the show by doing readings for a client and also for TJ. It will be interesting to watch how Kimberly uses her clairvoyant talents to find a happy ever after with TJ, because so far her relationship with Tejaswi is falling off day to day.