Darcey is slammed for acting inappropriately during her date with a mystery man

 Darcey Silva, who's known for her appearances on reality TV shows like before the 90 days, and Darcey and Stacey, has once again ignited curiosity among her fans, by stepping into the spotlight with a new mystery man. The enigmatic romance has sparked speculations and excitement, leaving many wondering who this new mystery man might be.

In the last 2 years, Darcey's love life has always been a controversial one, specifically her choices of men. The 49 year old reality star likes her men to be Tall, young and have an athletic physique. And now, it seems like she found someone new who fits in that category.

After having turbulent relationships with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks on the 90 Day Fiancé series, the Connecticut native presented  Georgi Rusev, the Bulgarian model and masseuse as her latest love interest on her own spin off show Darcey and Stacey, which premiered back in August 2020. Darcey and Georgi Broke up a couple of times and eventually ended things amicably during the finale of Darcey and Stacey season 4.

 Recently, Darcey posted an Instagram story of her in a car with her new man. The music was loud and the inside of the car looked like a disco because of the lights. The 90 day fiance fans didn't appreciate the Instagram story, because the man was touching Darcey inappropriately, while the mother of two was moving her tongue in a disgusting way.

Darcey rarely goes out alone with someone new, she's usually with her sister Stacey and her brother in law Florian, but not this time. In another story, she sat beside the new man who appears to have muscular arms, and Only his arms and his zebra print shirt were shown in the picture. And in a third Story post, we could see that Darcey and the mystery man were having a toast, which means their date night was going so well.

While the identity of the mystery man remains undisclosed, Darcey Silva's social media activity has fueled speculations. Her Followers and fans have been quick to analyze her posts, attempting to decipher any hidden clues about her new beau.

 Yet, in an age where privacy can be difficult to maintain, because everyone now has a phone with a camera, Darcey's ability to keep her romantic life relatively hidden is really impressive. We hope that Darcey's new man, is not another young stud who is broke and using her for money and clout.