Asuelu was caught sending inappropriate pictures to female fans on Instagram

 On one of her Instagram stories, Kalani Faagata threatened to expose all of the women who've been sending messages to her husband Asuelu Pulaa on social media behind her back. This was after a random woman sent a private message to Kalani on Instagram asking her to get her husband in check, because he sent her inappropriate n*de pictures of her himself.

Because Of Asuelu and the presence of a new man in the picture, the 90 day fiance couple's marriage is on the verge of dissolving. There were already many reports earlier this year about Asuelu's cheating on Kalani. On the last resort, The 28 year old Samoan came across as the immature partner who started causing all of the marital troubles. Kalani frequently complained about Asuelu's refusal to accept his responsibility as a husband, and she also called him selfish when making love, because he only cares about satisfying himself.

During the 90 Day: The Last Resort season one premiere, Kalani and Asuelu claimed that they were at the Isla Bella Beach Resort due to a number of infidelity issues that they wanted to address, for the sake of their children's future. Meanwhile, Kalani took to social media following the program to share a cryptic Instagram Story.

Kalani was just putting a message out there, for any female who may try to contact the father of her children in the future. She didn't want to show the name of the woman who sent her the DM exposing Asuelu, instead she hid it with a bubble with censored written over it.

The mystery woman who sent Kalani the Direct message was trying to send show her the inappropriate pictures that Asuelu sent to her, but due to Instagram privacy protection feature she couldn't do that. The woman told Kalani that Asuelu messaged her first and she asked her why a married man would start flirting with her and send inappropriate pictures of himself to a random woman online.

Instead of blaming her husband and apologizing for his actions, Kalani informed all of the females who are in contact with Asuelu that she will be leaking information about them on 90 Day: The Last Resort. This was probably an empty threat from Kalani's side, but indirectly she was trying to warn all of the ladies who are messaging her husband to stop. That's because Asuelu is a public figure now, and any female who gets in touch with him publicly will be a target for online bullies and her name will be mud by the reality news websites and the 90 day fiancé bloggers.