Asuelu bursts into tears while admitting that he cheated on Kalani

 In an emotional confession on 90 day fiancé the last resort, the Samoan cast member Asuelu Pulaa confirmed that he cheated on his wife Kalani Faagata. 

The 28 year old met Kalani, who's now 35, at a resort in Samoa where she was vacationing with her family when he was only 23. Kalani who was reared Mormon, lost her virginity Asuelu and gave birth to their first child. She defied her family by bringing Asuelu to the United States on a K-1 visa to marry him. It was a shocking news to Kalani and her family when she became pregnant for the second time before her wedding because none of her kids were planned.

Kalani and Asuelu were never prepared to start a family together. Kalani never a had a real job in her life, while Asuelu didn't have any skills to get a decent job in the United States so the couple and their kids were financially taking care of by Kalani's father low. There were whispers of Asuelu and Kalani's adultery scandal earlier this year. While Asuelu allegedly had a fling with Chantel's sister Winter, Kalani kept uploading Instagram stories with a tattooed man without showing his face.

In a preview clip from the upcoming 90 Day: The Last Resort series, Asuelu burst into tears while admitting that he cheated on his wife but confessed that he did many other mistakes during their marriage.

The couple was seated on a beach alongside other couples from the show and three therapists, who inquired: "What brings the two of you here?". To that Kalani responded:" We are here because we've had a lot of issues with infidelity", and that has shocked the rest of the cast. While crying, Asuelu confessed:" I know what I did is very bad".

While wiping his tears away, Asuelu said he has a lot of things he needs to focus on. He believes that he was the reason why he and his wife are on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Asuelu really wants to find the solution to his marriage problems, while Kalani believes that the most important thing they need is to work on determining the future of their children. The therapists wanted to assist Kalani and Asuelu in charting a course of action following the cheating incidents.

Beside his night with Winter, Asuelu also traveled to Samoa back in October 2022 and it was rumored that he cheated on Kalani during that trip. Kalani was permitted to sleep with a man to make things fair, but she quickly fell in love with him and he became her boyfriend. His name is "Dallas Nuez", and Kalani has also met his family. While the mother of two considers her options in California, Asuelu just revealed that he has relocated to Las Vegas.