Angela Deem is slammed for acting "Trashy" during a charity event (Video)

 Angela Deem, the most hated 90 day fiance cast member  was chastised for performing a lap dance in a leaked charity event video. Since her debut on the show, the 58 year old reality personality has been a source of contention. However, 2023 will undoubtedly be one of her wildest years yet. During Angela's trip to Canada a few months back, fans noticed her acting badly on stage. In an outlandish video, she was also seen posing sensually with her Canadian friend Billy. Angela was also recently seen striking and slapping her pal Jennifer Dilandro in some hotel lobby. The footage leaked of the two ladies fighting around midnight after attending the Reality Lip Sync event.

Her recent fight wasn't the only contentious thing she did during the charity event. "Miss_night_owl" on Reddit just submitted another video of Angela dancing in a short dress earlier that night. The video shows the wild meemaw going rogue on a live stage, taking down her heels, and performing an extra cringy and gross lap dance. As expected, many social media users were offended by Angela's behavior and felt uneasy while watching the video. "She's so gross" an Redditor said, while the OP added:" I don’t think she realizes people are laughing at her, not with her".

Angela performing at the charity event prior to her fight later that night. (Warning: includes lap dance by meemaw đź‘€)
by u/miss_night_owl in 90dayfianceuncensored

It was confirmed that Angela is a cast member of 90 Day new spin off show The Last Resort, therefore the leaked lap dance video was shocking and caused a bad press for the new show. She's supposedly on the new show to work on her long-distance marriage with Michael. Angela's marriage has been falling apart for a while now, and she has yet to trust her spouse. As a result, she appears to be on the show to make a critical decision about her relationship and resolve its existing issues. Unfortunately, the trailer of The Last Resort hints that the couple's adventure on the new spin-off show may not go as planned. The following few months will reveal whether they will finalize their divorce or not.

While Angela's lap dance at the charity event created a negative attention toward her and TLC, some of her fans who attended the event seem to enjoy it, however, most likely they were laughing at her and not with her. Angela is a performer, and her purpose is to entertain the audience, and that's exactly what she did. As a result, she was most likely doing her job and making the audience laugh and smile. Angela leads a very active lifestyle and isn't afraid to go overboard.